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NCC Files Comments on Proposals to Establish a 5G Fund for Rural America

Next Century Cities (NCC) works to show why Americans, regardless of zip code, deserve access to the benefits of high-speed connectivity. Being able to get online has a direct impact on education, economic, health, and civic engagement outcomes. That is why the local officials in our network tirelessly work to increase broadband access and adoption in their municipalities. 

On July 5, 2020, NCC filed comments on behalf of its members supporting the Federal Communications Commission’s plans to deploy wireless technologies to areas of the country that have historically struggled with high-speed connectivity. However, considering that residents in rural areas and otherwise are required to participate in the digital ecosystem in ways that they have not previously been required to do so, doing so effectively requires increasing the 25/3 Mbps minimum broadband speeds. Additionally, setting clear definitions for which areas should be eligible for support depends on accurate mapping data which is not currently available. 

Public funds should only be invested into networks that meet current and foreseeable marketplace demands. As stated in the filing, rural Americans often find themselves struggling with connectivity issues and need the Commission to set standards to ensure that technologies that are not obsolete from the outset. Read the filing here.  

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