Louisville, KY: Fiber-Friendly Success Story

]Next Century Cities members often ask how they can become fiber ready communities. We encourage them to start by checking out helpful checklists, such as Google Fiber’s City Checklist or CTC’s Broadband Strategies Checklist. Using these checklists to become ‘fiber-ready’ makes communities more attractive for all investors in broadband infrastructure, not just the organizations that produce the checklists!

Louisville is one of many compelling stories of success. Louisville has focused on becoming a more fiber-friendly community since 2013. Their commitment to be fiber-ready has led Louisville into talks with Google Fiber, and already AT&T has announced plans to bring gigabit-speed internet to the city as well.

Louisville’s latest effort to become more fiber-ready has resulted in their passing a “first in the country” one touch make-ready ordinance on February 11, 2016. One touch make-ready is a great example of a city removing red tape and creating protocol so that Google Fiber, or any other provider, can easily install fiber on existing telephone polls. Members of the Louisville government recognize that becoming more fiber-ready has had a positive impact on their community. As Chief of Civic Innovation for Louisville Ted Smith remarked, “It’s a big deal that we’re a streamlined, easy-to-do-business-with government.” The Metro Council voted overwhelmingly in favor of the new ordinance 23-0.

Read more about Louisville’s new ordinance in Louisville Business First here and WDRB.com here.              

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