Get to Know Us Through Our Favorite Cities: Lukas

Next Century Cities staff answered questions about some of their favorite things and the cities associated with them. Read Lukas’ responses below. 

In what city is your favorite book set in?  

Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, France – My favorite book is The Hundred Foot Journey. 

In what city did your favorite food dish originate or in what city have you had your most memorable meal? 

New Orleans, LA – My most memorable meal was fried alligator. 

What is the nickname of your favorite city that you have visited or lived in?  

“SLO” San Luis Obispo, California

In what city does your favorite movie or television show take place? 

Pawnee, Indiana, a fictional city where the show “Parks and Rec” is set. 

What city is your favorite sports team based in? 

My favorite sports teams are the Washington Capitols and the Washington Nationals, both located in Washington, DC. 

What is  a song that you associate with your hometown/city? 

“Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys always reminds me of my hometown of Virginia Beach, VA. 

In what city was your favorite concert and/or festival located? 

The Tom Tom Founders Festival in Charlottesville, VA. 

The photo above was taken in Virginia Beach, VA, my hometown and an NCC member city! 


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