Get to Know Us Through Our Favorite Cities: Brittany-Rae

Next Century Cities staff answered questions about some of their favorite things and the cities associated with them.

Read Brittany-Rae’s responses below. 

In what city did your favorite food dish originate or in what city have you had your most memorable meal? 

Tokyo, Japan – I have had my most memorable meal to date in a restaurant overlooking the Tokyo skyline. 

In what city does your favorite movie or television show take place? 

Somewhere between the Richmond and Hampton Roads, VA area – My favorite television show of all time is A Different World. Set on the fictitious Hillman College campus, the show’s specific location was never revealed, but it is assumed that the campus was located somewhere in that vicinity.

What city is your favorite sports team based in? 

Los Angeles, CA – I lived in Los Angeles for a good part of my childhood, so I am a Lakers fan through and through. No fair weather support over here! 

What is  a song that you associate with your hometown/city? 

“Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn. The mention of Memphis notables such as Al Green, W.C. Handy and Elvis Presley and places like Beale Street and Union Avenue always bring back warm memories of home. 

In what city was your favorite concert and/or festival located? 

Paris, France – In 2018 when Beyonce and Jay-Z held their One The Run II tour, my best friend and I couldn’t get tickets for the American leg of the tour, and decided to go see them on tour abroad. It was the best decision because the concert was on Bastille Day and in the midst of the World Cup. It was definitely a concert-going experience that I will never forget!

The picture above was taken in Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan.

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