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While broadband has the power to help communities thrive, many barriers still exist that prevent residents from experiencing the benefits of access. In response, communities across the country are working with partners to bridge the digital divide.

Next Century Cities recently held a webinar to discuss local digital inclusion efforts in member areas. This webinar featured panelists Susan Corbett, CEO, Axiom Technology and Axiom Education & Training Center,  Pat Millen, E2D Founder/President, David Keyes, Community Technology Program Director of Seattle, WA, and Anne Schwieger, Broadband and Digital Equity Advocate of Boston, MA.

We are pleased to make a recording of this webinar available for public use below, as well as suggest a few of the many great digital inclusion resources available online.


Digital Inclusion Resources

Research & Knowledgesharing

Next Century Cities Digital Inclusion Webinar:

Opportunity for All? Technology and Learning in Lower-Income Families:

Connecting with Government or Government Data:


Local Programs & City Plans

Tech Goes Home:,  



Austin, TX, Digital Inclusion Strategic Plan:


Federal Regulations & Programs

Modernizing HUD’s Consolidated Planning Process To Narrow the Digital Divide and Increase Resilience to Natural Hazards:


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