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  • Fort Dodge, IA secures $37M funding for new municipal broadband utility :: The Messenger
  • Heartland, Paullina, Primghar, and Sanborn, Iowa | The Community Agency
  • Gov. Kim Reynolds left out context on latest broadband investment (Iowa)
    • The state awarded $210 million on Jan. 4 as part of the latest round of Empower Rural Iowa broadband grants. Grants totaling $100 million in state money were renewed in a bill signed in April 2021 by Gov. Kim Reynolds, who is vocal about the grant program’s success.
    • Several Democrats claim on Twitter, Facebook and in other public forums that Reynolds should not take credit for the grants announced in January because funds come from the American Rescue Plan, which she opposed.
    • The additional $210 million is being used to meet a high number of applicants demanding funds from the program.
    • Rep. Riggs (R- Hannibal) called the federal government’s reliance on census maps “flawed,” citing the recurring cases of inadequate coverage from out-of-state entities. He said he wants to ensure funding aids local broadband efforts.
  • Iowa Governor Reynolds and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) announced the latest recipients of the Empower Rural Iowa Broadband Grants Program. Funding of more than $210M for new broadband infrastructure has been awarded to 160 applicants as part of the latest investment in expanding broadband across the state, announced in October 2021. Cooperatives were big winners.
  • Iowa awarded $97.5 million in funding to providers expanding service in rural parts of the state, including municipal and cooperative projects. Because of the large number of applicants and limited CARES funding, the state is opening another opportunity using ARPA funds (details to come)
  • Guthrie and Dallas County, Iowa Residential Broadband Survey (March 27, 2021)