Cedar Falls: Connecting Students to the Tools They Need to Succeed

Students in Cedar Falls, Iowa, have an easier time getting homework done, thanks to a partnership between Cedar Falls Community Schools and Cedar Falls Utilities, which operates the city’s broadband network. 

Any household that has a student in grades 7-12 that qualifies for the free or reduced lunch program can take advantage of two options for low-cost internet access. The first is a $15/month discount on any plan offered by Cedar Falls Utilities, the most basic of which starts at $29.95/month. The second option is even more affordable: for $5/month, with no contract or deposit required, residents can access 15mbps service exclusively on the student’s school-issued Chromebook. 

Reliable home internet access allows students to complete homework assignments and access class resources as needed. It also helps parents stay in touch with teachers and collaborate to meet student needs. By working to connect all students to affordable internet access, Cedar Falls is removing a major barrier for students to excel. 

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