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Connecting Communities
Town Manager Rick Bates, Rockport, ME, "Innovative entrepreneurs are about two things: a great place to live and connectivity. With ultra-fast Internet, our community can deliver both.” Town Manager Rick Bates, Rockport, ME
Mayor Don Monty, Carbondale, IL, “Our ability to innovate and develop fiber technology will enhance our connectivity and economic competitiveness while also providing a unique quality of life amenity for our residents." Mayor Don Monty, Carbondale, IL
Mayor Kevin Utz, Westminster, MD, “This project enables us to deliver a wide range of broadband services beyond simple Internet access, attracting even more businesses and residents to our City.” Mayor Kevin Utz, Westminster, MD
Mayor Lee Leffingwell, Austin, TX, “With the arrival of gigabit speeds, we hope to continue to work at the forefront of technology to develop innovative solutions that benefit our entire community.” Mayor Lee Leffingwell, Austin, TX
Mayor Homer Nicholson, Ponca City, OK, “With access to the larger, high speed Internet pipe, all residents enjoy what they require to satisfy their daily life.” Mayor Homer Nicholson, Ponca City, OK
Supervisor Chair Zach Friend, Santa Cruz County, CA, "High-capacity Internet is one of the most effective tools communities have at spurring economic development." Supervisor Chair Zach Friend, Santa Cruz County, CA

Welcome to Next Century Cities

Across the country, innovative municipalities are already recognizing the importance of leveraging gigabit level Internet to attract new businesses and create jobs, improve health care and education, and connect residents to new opportunities. Next Century Cities is committed to celebrating these successes, demonstrating their value, and helping other cities to realize the full power of truly high-speed, affordable, and accessible broadband.

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