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Connecting Communities
Mayor Jill Boudreau, Mount Vernon, WA, ”Our modern world has created an essential need for access to the Internet as a basic service which is just as important as roads, utilities, and public safety services.” Mayor Jill Boudreau, Mount Vernon, WA
Mayor Bob Nicholson, Montrose, CO, “Ensuring our citizens have access to robust broadband service is as much a quality-of-life issue as providing clean drinking water, safe neighborhoods, and affordable housing.” Mayor Bob Nicholson, Montrose, CO
Mayor Dave Trebelhorn, Winthrop, MN, “There is no more important infrastructure development facing our city today than our efforts to build a fiber to the home network in our community and the surrounding area.” Mayor Dave Trebelhorn, Winthrop, MN
Mayor Marty Walsh, Boston, MA, “We see continued improvement in broadband speed and affordability as an essential element to driving growth and creating economic opportunity for the people of Boston." Mayor Marty Walsh, Boston, MA
Mayor Jason Bienski, Bryan, TX, “Today, broadband access to the internet is truly a commodity; just like electricity and water.” Mayor Jason Bienski, Bryan, TX
Mayor Dennis Coombs, Longmont, CO, “Like electricity, the Internet has become a crucial utility for American families and businesses.” Mayor Dennis Coombs, Longmont, CO

Welcome to Next Century Cities

Across the country, innovative municipalities are already recognizing the importance of leveraging gigabit level Internet to attract new businesses and create jobs, improve health care and education, and connect residents to new opportunities. Next Century Cities is committed to celebrating these successes, demonstrating their value, and helping other cities to realize the full power of truly high-speed, affordable, and accessible broadband.

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