Welcome New Members!

Next Century Cities would like to wish a warm welcome to our newest members! We’re highlighting Hudson, Ohio and would like to share some information about their current projects and future plans. We look forward to seeing what every city accomplishes with our support and through collaboration with other member cities!  

Hudson, OH joined us in July 2018. They are one of Ohio’s first Gigabit cities and offer high-speed, fiber-optic broadband to local businesses, empowering them to better compete in today’s high-speed, data-driven world. The city-owned and operated broadband network, Velocity Broadband, was launched in 2015 primarily in response to business owners requests. Since then, it has been an economic development tool and has positioned the city to be more innovative in adopting new technology.

This “future proofing” with digital technology will enable Hudson to tackle issues like traffic and pedestrian safety in sustainable ways, and in turn attract new residents and businesses. They were named as a Smart21 Community by the Intelligent Community Forum in 2018 (the only United States city to make the list) in recognition of their leadership in Smart City innovation.  

Hudson’s city manager, Jane Howington, says “We are excited to be a part of the Next Century Cities family.” They look forward to sharing the successes, failures, and lessons learned with the Next Century Cities community.


Other new members include:

Arlington, TX joined in August 2018, and recently won an award for best Operations and Asset Management Platform in the International Data Corporation’s Smart City North America Awards.

Mountain Village, CO joined in July 2018, one of many Colorado municipalities working to reclaim local authority around broadband.

Larimer County, CO joined in July 2018. According to a recent poll, nearly 50% of residents support the local government building a broadband network.

Ventura, CA joined July 2018. Last year, local officials met to discuss the region’s dismal broadband ratings and the importance of high-speed connectivity for economic development.  

Lancaster, PA joined March 2018. The city built the first municipal broadband network in Pennsylvania.


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