Next Century Cities Applauds FCC’s Inquiry Into Data Caps and Supports Consumer Feedback Initiative

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For Immediate Release

Contact: Brittany-Rae Gregory
June 16, 2023

Washington, D.C. (June 16, 2023) Today, Next Century Cities voices its strong support for Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel’s decision to initiate a Notice of Inquiry investigating the effects of data caps set by Internet service providers on consumers. These caps, often concealed within plans described as ‘unlimited,’ can lead to surprising charges and limitations on access, obstructing shared objectives for equitable, unfettered Internet access.

Data caps are more than a personal hindrance. They represent a systemic obstacle to economic progress. Service provider limits on how data can be used can cause already disadvantaged consumers to refrain from a range of essential online activities, such as telehealth appointments or educational programs, for fear of exceeding monthly subscription limits. In effect, data caps curtail online activity and suppress residents’ full participation in a digital society. 

Brian Donoghue, Deputy Director of Next Century Cities, offered the following remarks:

“We applaud the opening of a new FCC portal where consumers can share their experiences with data caps. This platform will encourage consumers to scrutinize their monthly bills and empower them with a reporting mechanism that documents the real-world impact of data caps. Next Century Cities urges communities to voice their experiences and contribute to a crucial conversation about digital equity before the federal agency that crafts regulations. 

“The proposed inquiry by Chairwoman Rosenworcel is a critical move toward understanding and addressing the impact of data caps on consumers and the trajectory of online innovation. We implore all FCC commissioners to endorse and galvanize support for this important initiative.”

Next Century Cities remains steadfast in our commitment to advocating for policies that ensure universal and equitable broadband access. We stand ready to aid the FCC in its efforts.


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