Ammon, ID

Mayor Dana Kirkham

On Ammon: “Fast, affordable and reliable Internet service is an essential part of any municipality. It has become the town square where people come to organize, get educated, and participate in their community.”

On Next Century Cities: “Next Century Cities provides us with an important opportunity to share our experience with other cities, but more importantly allows us to learn from other pioneers in the industry. We are confident that the value of this collaboration will lead to enormous success for all involved.”

What Ammon is working on: In 2009 the City of Ammon identified broadband telecommunications as a basic and essential service which could be cared for by a municipal utility. In 2010 the City began work on a City owned and operated fiber optic system which would provide broadband access to meet the needs of the City departments, public safety organizations, other publicly owned and operated facilities, community anchor institutions, businesses and residents.

Since then the City has installed some 30 miles of underground fiber optic cable which serves the City’s operational and public safety needs. Additional system capacity is made available to Ammon area schools, businesses, residents and service providers as infrastructure.

The City of Ammon is particularly interested in advancing public safety through the use of its fiber infrastructure. In 2012, the City was awarded a National Science Foundation grant to demonstrate network slicing for emergency communications in partnership with the University of Idaho. Today the City is a phase 2 contestant in the National Institute of Justice’s Ultra High Speed App Challenge.

The City of Ammon is also working to further develop the open access model by opening up the infrastructure through virtualization for the benefit of service providers and their subscribers.


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November 14, 2016