On September 12, 2019, Next Century participated in WashingTech’s inaugural Pop-up Breakfast to discuss, “The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Inclusion in the Revolution.” Former Commissioner Mignon Clyburn shared insights on how technology could introduce revolutionary change for communities, which also comes with a responsibility to ensure that communities with limited connectivity are included in the revolution. 

Next Century Cities Executive Director Francella Ochillo spoke on a panel alongside Sean Perryman (Director of Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Counsel, Internet Association) and William Spriggs (Professor and Economist, Howard University), which was moderated by WashingTech’s Founder and CEO, Joe Miller. Representative Steny Hoyer (Maryland) set the stage for the discussion, explaining that as the nature of work changes, so does the need to update regulatory frameworks. Francella discussed the relevance and implications of AI for cities. Specifically, she emphasized the importance of using AI to identify populations in need.