On September 21, 2017, Next Century Cities joined the Institute for Local Self Reliance in responding to the FCC’s Notice of Inquiry GN Docket No.17­-199 titled “Inquiry Concerning Deployment of Advanced Telecommunications Capability to All Americans in a Reasonable and Timely Fashion”. Read more about this Notice of Inquiry in Community Broadband Networks here.

In our response, we highlight several points of importance in ensuring all residents have fast, affordable, reliable broadband internet access:


1. Mobile internet access should not qualify a census block as served with advanced telecommunications capability. Mobile internet access is, and should continue to be viewed as a complement to home Internet access. Likewise, the FCC should not include satellite internet access coverage as census blocks considered served.

2. We suggest the FCC encourage state legislatures to repeal state barriers that prevent or discourage local telecommunications authority, either broadly or narrowly.

3. We encourage the FCC to intervene when incumbent or large providers create barriers for new entrants.

4. We believe that the benchmark that defines advanced telecommunications capacity needs to be updated to better reflect how and why the iInternet is used today. Upload speeds are more important now than ever. Reducing the current speeds (directly or by including a lesser mobile benchmark) would be a step backwards for residents and would prevent needed resources from reaching the consumers who need them.


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