Next Century Cities and the Institute for Local Self Reliance (ILSR) have released a new report, Correcting Community Fiber Fallacies: Yoo Discredits U Penn, Not Municipal Networks, in which we address a misleading report on municipal networks. The original report from Professor Christopher S. Yoo and Timothy Pfenninger from the Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition (CTIC) at the University of Pennsylvania Law School blatantly misrepresented data about municipal networks, including several Next Century City members.

CTIC’s report utilized skewed information, ignored the wider context of the established networks, and failed to consult with any city representatives to ensure researchers had a full understanding of the networks and financing when writing the report. Our report exposes multiple problems with the methodology in the paper and explains why it does not provide any convincing evidence that municipal networks are bad investments. Most importantly, we discuss the success that several of the networks called into question by Yoo and Pfenninger, including Chattanooga, Tenn. and Wilson, N.C., have seen in the first years of service.

CTIC’s work, including this report, is funded by AT&T, Comcast-NBC Universal, CTIA, ICANN, Intel, Qualcomm, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, and others. See a full list of sponsors here.

Read more about our report from Community Broadband Networks here, and read the full report here. If your community was mentioned in CTIC’s report and you would like help crafting a response, please feel free to contact us.