How to Join

Joining Next Century Cities is easy and free! Any city, town, or county may join. To become a member, an elected official from your community (mayor, city manager, city councilor, etc.) must simply:

That’s it! No application to fill out, no fee to pay, and all municipalities are welcome to join.


Benefits of Membership

Next Century Cities supports mayors and community leaders across the country as they seek to ensure that everyone has fast, affordable, and reliable internet access. Some of the ways we accomplish this include:  

  • Elevating the Conversation: We work with leaders and their communities to share stories. Cities that have or would like to develop truly next-generation networks are visionary cities, and their leaders recognize what it takes to be competitive in the 21st century. Next Century Cities works with these leaders and their cities to make the case nationally and within communities that next-generation internet is an essential infrastructure that can deliver transformative benefits to communities today.
  • Supporting Local Leaders: Communities stepping into the 21st century through next-generation networks face myriad challenges. It is essential to provide crucial support to facilitate these innovative projects. Next Century Cities and our members work together to overcome obstacles to success.
  • Providing Tools for Success: Developing a next-generation network is a daunting task for a city of any size. It is important that communities have access to resources, advice, and tools to develop effective broadband internet networks. We are committed to developing and aggregating resources to guide new projects, as well as tools to help those already equipped with this infrastructure better leverage their networks to yield community benefits.
  • Advocating for Good Connectivity Policy: Too often, local governments are not given a voice in national policy conversations. Next Century Cities advocates on behalf of member communities for federal policies that support broadband infrastructure deployment, digital equity and adoption, local choice, and competition. You can learn more in our Policy Agenda.


Not an Elected Official?

If you think your community could benefit from our resources and support, reach out to your elected officials! Let them know how important it is that your community has access to affordable, reliable broadband, and how Next Century Cities can help. In addition, you can sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep updated on our work.



“Next Century Cities is so important. It helps cities feel they are not alone in taking on the challenge – they are one of 200 cities. I talk about you all the time in City Hall.”


“[The Mayor] is very pleased that we are members of this organization and that we have [been] able to learn from other members.”


“Next Century Cities is the nexus point where cities turn.”


“Access to Next Century Cities’ rich pool of resources was not only inspirational, it further streamlined the development of the City’s strategic plan to reach the City’s broadband goals.”