Kansas City, KS

Mayor Marc Holland


On Kansas City

“High-speed internet is no longer a luxury, it is a utility. Everything is online including job applications, education, entertainment, and even health care is moving in that direction.”

On Next Century Cities

“A high percentage of our residents are not online and it is our duty to work with all partners to develop and expand the delivery of internet service to close the digital divide. We also see residents being online as a vital communications tool in our community particularly in the absence of news coverage”

What Kansas City is working on

Kansas City, Kansas is widely known as the first market to host Google’s ultra-high speed fiber network, Google Fiber. AT&T recently announced plans to bring a gigabit network to Kansas City as well. The Unified Government is working with Kansas City Digital Drive on a “Digital Playbook”, a detailed strategy for digital advancement in our region. Partnerships with progressive organizations have also helped advance other Unified Government initiatives.

In the area of civic innovation, the UG recently partnered with Code for America to develop a marketing and learning application for entrepreneurs called BizFriendly. The Unified Government is also developing an “open data” initiative to streamline our processes and make our agency more transparent and efficient.