Census 2020

NCC is working hard to make sure you #GetCounted

Next Century Cities is a coalition of cities, towns, and counties that works together and learns from one another. This year, we will count together–every resident in every community. Ever year, billions of dollars in federal funding are distributed based on census data, and your community will only get its fair share if you #GetCounted. Check out our 2020 Census resources below and scroll to the bottom to take our pledge to #GetCounted.

The Census Bureau has updated their operational timeline for the 2020 Census. Check out our updates below or visit Census.gov.

Time remaining to #GetCounted









Americans Who Have Completed the Census


March 12-October 31: Self-Response Period

A time for people in the United States to respond online at my2020census.gov, over the phone, or via hardcopy.

April 1

April 1: Census Day

April 6-10: Next Century Cities' Census Week

TBA: In-Person Assistance

The Census Bureau will be available in grocery stores and other public places to assist people in completing their census online.

June 14-July 29: Remote Interviews

Interviews are conducted with residents in remote parts of Alaska and Maine

TBA: Homeless Population Counts

The Census Bureau will conduct counts of America’s homeless populations.

August 11-October 31: Census Interviews

Census Bureau staff will follow up in-person with non-respondents.

September 3-28: Transitory Population Counts

The Census Bureau will conduct counts of transitory populations in RV and Mobile Home Parks, Marinas, etc.

Miami-Dade, Florida Provides Community Grants to Promote Census

Miami-Dade County is providing grants to local census partners. These grants were developed by the county to promote accurate counts in all of their communities. The program is especially focused on supporting historically undercounted communities. 

Kansas City Region Works Together to Encourage Census Involvement

The greater Kansas City metropolitan region is coming together to support complete count efforts across both Kansas and Missouri. While the municipal governments are undertaking major efforts to promote an accurate count, they are also bringing together non-profits, community organizations, and individuals to join the region-wide effort.

Lexington, KY Supports Citizens On WeCountLex.Org

Lexington, KY is hosting an interactive and resourceful website for its residents to support an accurate and full count of the Lexington-Fayette region. The website provides resources for individuals and community organizations and builds upon their relationship with the University of Kentucky.

Important Resources

Stay tuned throughout the spring as we unveil more stories and resources to help your community #GetCounted

Do you pledge that your community will #GetCounted?

The 2020 Census is fundamental to charting a path forward for our country, and as the US Census Bureau rolls out the first ever digital census, we know that local governments are crucial in its implementation. Over the next few months, we must all do our part to every single person in the United States has an opportunity to #GetCounted.

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