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San Leandro, CA

San Leandro, CA has issued an RFP for a consultant team to lead staff through the creation of a Fiber Optics Master Plan to guide the design, construction, implementation, maintenance, regulation, and funding of its fiber optics assets and related technologies. The deadline for proposals is April 28, 2017. Learn more about the RFP here.

Boston, MA

Boston, MA has issued an RFP for an Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) for a citywide dark fiber network. The term of the IRU shall be for 20 years, with two optional 5-year renewal terms at the City’s discretion. Responses will be due June 6, 2017, and more information can be found here.

Riverside County, CA

Riverside County, CA has issued an RFP for private-sector partners interested in developing the nation’s largest broadband network, a project that would stimulate economic growth, improve healthcare capabilities, expand educational opportunities and make high-speed networks available to all residents and businesses countywide. Responses will be due in August, 2017. Find more information here.  

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Past RFP’s

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Spring Hill, KS

Spring Hill, KS has issued an RFP that examine options and produce a Feasibility Study Report with a market analysis and development plan the feasibility of a Fiber to the Premise high speed network throughout the city. The deadline for proposals is April 26, 2017. Read the RFP here for more information.

Salisbury, NC

Salisbury, NC has issued an RFP for contractual arrangements with a third-party provider that will enhance the operation, sales, marketing, and delivery of gigabit speed  broadband service to the community. The deadline for final RFP responses was March 10, 2017. Read the RFP here for more information.

Boston, MA

Boston, MA has issued an RFI for all “urbanists, technologists, entrepreneurs and visionaries” to submit ideas on how to pilot smart city and internet of things technology in Boston. The four part RFI requests information on “(1) which improved services can be delivered with (2) what smart technology that is deployed on (3) which City assets, (4) funded by what business models.” Responses were due January 29, 2017. Read the RFI here, and more information from State Scoop here.

Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA’s Information Technology Department has issued an RFI to gauge the interest of for- and non-profit entities wishing to enter into a partnership with the city to deploy wireless services and smart cities applications in low-income districts and parks. Responses were due February 28, 2017. Interested parties can learn more here.  

Pikeville, KY

Pikeville, KY has issued an RFP for a partnership in a project to deploy a gigabit speed fiber to the premises network through the city and to some parts of the county, including neighboring Coal Run Village. The deadline for proposals has been extended to TODAY January 19, 2017. Read the RFP here.

Wayne County, NC

Wayne County, NC has issued an RFI for ideas on how to provide high speed broadband service in underserved or unserved areas throughout the county. The deadline for responses was February 28, 2017. Read the RFI here.

Summit County, CO

Summit County, CO has issued two RFI’s. The first seeks a long-term private partner to make gigabit speed service available throughout the county, while the second seeks a long-term partner in any sector to make wireless broadband available over privately or publicly constructed infrastructure in three underserved areas of the county. Responses were due to both by January 9, 2017.

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