Longmont, CO

Mayor Dennis Coombs


On Longmont

“Like electricity, the Internet has become a crucial utility for American families and businesses. Longmont’s residents want and need reliable high-speed Internet. And through NextLight, they’re getting access to the fastest and most dependable network around.”

On Next Century Cities

“When other cities have the same interests and the same challenges, it just makes sense to learn from them. There’s no sense in reinventing the wheel. We know that cutting-edge broadband is vital to Longmont’s homes, schools, and businesses, and by working with Next Century Cities, we can share our NextLight™ experience while also learning from our partners. It makes all of us better.”

What Longmont is working on

NextLight™ is our 100% fiber-optic broadband network, built and operated by Longmont Power & Communications, the city’s community-owned electric utility. The name reflects Longmont history. In 1912, the city turned its “first light” on by providing its own electricity despite fierce industry opposition. Today, the light and glass of fiber optics provide Longmont with its “next light,” a high-speed network that was rated the fastest in the U.S by Ookla Speedtest in May 2015.

Longmont built its core fiber-optic loop in 1997, but plans for a citywide network were stalled in 2005 when the Colorado Legislature adopted Senate Bill 152, forbidding local governments from offering telecommunications services. Local voters restored those rights to the city in 2011, despite an industry-led opposition campaign that spent nearly $420,000.

In 2014, Longmont sold $40.3 million of voter-approved bonds, began construction, and offered service to the first NextLight customers. It also provided the St. Vrain Valley School District with a 10-gigabit wide-area network, connecting the increasingly tech-heavy Longmont schools.

Demand for NextLight was high from the first day, largely because of a “Charter Member” offer of residential gigabit service for $49.95 to customers who sign up early. LPC expects to complete the citywide rollout in 2016, allowing NextLight to empower homes and businesses across Longmont.

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