Vancouver, WA

Councilman Jack Burkmanburkman

On Vancouver: “Vancouver believes broadband access is critical to 21st century citizenship.  High speed connectivity for the entire community enhances communications and service delivery to our citizens, provides a platform for businesses growth, and reduces barriers to broadband access.  Our goal is to be one of the most connected cities in the region – physically, socially and digitally. We envision a Vancouver with improved opportunities for technological growth and having high speed broadband for all.”

On Next Century Cities: “Our work with broadband connectivity can only be improved by the sharing of thoughts and ideas through Next Century Cities.  The initiatives and issues surrounding broadband Internet are foundational to strong economic development, better educational opportunities, stronger democracy and improved quality of life for our citizens.”

What Vancouver is working on: The City of Vancouver has adopted a strategic objective that supports proliferation of high speed broadband throughout the city and access to the internet regardless of location and socioeconomic status.  Vancouver has been investing in fiber infrastructure since the mid-1990s and currently has approximately 55 miles of fiber connecting multiple agency locations and traffic-related infrastructure across the City, as well as free public wi-fi in public facilities and the downtown public square.  Vancouver belongs to a regional fiber sharing consortium, that coordinates deploying, tracking and sharing fiber between public agencies. There are approximately 100 miles of fiber used by local agencies for public benefit.  In addition, the State recognized Vancouver this year through establishing an Innovation Partnership Zone to grow the need and market for applied digital technologies by fostering education, research and economic partnerships.  In addition, Vancouver is committed to public/private partnerships with broadband providers that expand access to broadband across our community.