Riverside, CA

Mayor Rusty Bailey

Riverside_MayorOn Riverside: “City leadership must drive our local economy by becoming a giga-city within the next five years. A gigabit fiber network will provide the speed and accessibility required by healthcare companies, data centers, high-tech businesses, and our residents. We must build on Riverside’s already-present entrepreneurial ecosystem and meet current and future demands for high-speed internet.”

On Next Century Cities: “As an internationally recognized smart city, Riverside is excited to join a growing number of forward-thinking cities who place value in the knowledge workforce and understand how high speed networks fit into their future success. In order for our cities to remain relevant, we must consider such infrastructure as a critical building block for the future.  Our partnership with Next Century Cities will help give our community a bigger voice on broadband efforts nationwide.”

What Riverside is up to: “We are actively looking at ways in which we may narrow the digital divide in our region through SmartRiverside’s digital inclusion program. We have already provided over 7,000 free computers to low income families and we continue to seek ways to get more affordable broadband services to our citizens. We are currently reviewing Riverside’s fiber readiness in an effort to position our city to attract fiber retailers. We are also creating a strategic plan to better leverage Riverside’s current fiber infrastructure for future economic development.”