Bryan, TX

Mayor Jason BienskiBienski

On Bryan: “Today, broadband access to the internet is truly a commodity; just like electricity and water. Increased internet bandwidth will continue to help spur economic development in Bryan. With a lower cost of service, more businesses will look to move here. Additionally, working from home and home-based businesses as well as an increase in research will become a viable option in our city with a higher connectivity speed along with lower costs.”

On Next Century Cities: “Joining Next Century Cities will help us continue the momentum gained by the work of the Research Valley Technology Council (RVTC) that was formed in the spring of 2014 represented by both the Cities of Bryan and College Station, Brazos County, Texas A&M University and the Brazos Valley Council of Governments. The RVTC was formed to focus on encouraging broadband investment in our communities with a focus on economic development. One major milestone already accomplished is our local incumbent provider has increased bandwidth while lowering the cost of service.”

What Bryan is working on: The City of Bryan is one of five members of the Research Valley Technology Council, a division of the Research Valley Partnership. The RVTC led the charge in convincing the incumbent provider to invest millions of dollars to increase speeds to the home. By the second quarter of this year, the incumbent provider is scheduled to begin the rollout of gigabit speeds to the City of Bryan and to the larger area surrounding it known as the Brazos Valley. Once the rollout begins, the City of Bryan and the Brazos Valley will be among the first in Texas with community-wide gigabit speeds to the home.