Beverly Hills, CA

Mayor Julian A. Gold, M.D.Gold_01_5x7F

On Beverly Hills: We in Beverly Hills are committed to becoming a world leader in residential, commercial and municipal technology. Our goal is to harness this technology to assure our position in the new global economy. Access to the fastest and most secure internet connections will provide a key advantage for local businesses and a welcome benefit for residents and visitors.”

What Beverly Hills is working on: The Beverly Hills City Council has established an initiative to provide high speed broadband to the businesses and residences of the City of Beverly Hills.  We believe a high-speed connection to the Internet is a matter of necessity in the new global economy.  The Beverly Hills FTTP initiative will provide super-fast and secure networking solutions to our users.  The City of Beverly Hills currently owns and maintains a scalable high-speed fiber optic network.  This resilient network has been designed to support additional capacity to benefit businesses and residents.

Our Municipal Wireless Project provides integrated voice, video, and data communications for city staff.   Additionally, we have a public Wi-Fi network that is available to city guests.  With over 250 wireless access points, we offer a secure wireless network with Internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second.   We continue to expand this program each year.

Our Community Security System program consists of over 300 cameras deployed across public spaces and critical city infrastructure.  This program supports our Smart City/ Safe City initiative which supports elements of the City’s Homeland Security and Disaster Strategic Plan.