Berkeley, CA

Mayor Tom Bates Mayor of Berkeley

On Berkeley: State-of-the-art internet access is vital as everything–homes, cars, education, business, and government–evolves along with the way people interact with information. Investing in broadband service for our citizens, schools, libraries, and businesses will allow Berkeley to continue to harness the collective intellect of its diverse and talented citizenry. Moreover, as data-driven policymaking becomes more prevalent, the need for cities like ours to expand access to data and efficiently manage it becomes crucial.

On Next Century Cities: Berkeley and NCC share the principles of equity, choice, and education. We are taking advantage of this knowledge-sharing partnership to help inform our strategic fiber-infrastructure plan.

What Berkeley is working on: Berkeley has just embarked on the first phase of a strategic fiber-infrastructure plan, making this often overlooked opportunity to serve citizens a priority across city departments. Along with road pavings and collaboration with utility companies, the city is taking steps to enter into mutually beneficial public-private partnerships and leasing agreements to connect every citizen and business to gigabit internet.